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Currently Channel 7 is broadcasting Me.TV

Channel 7.7 is broadcasting original programing, infomercials and Biz TV.

Original Programing

Presidio Sentinel TV

Inspired by the successful community newspaper of the same name that serves the Central San Diego neighborhoods of Mission Hills, Uptown, Old Town and surrounding areas, Presidio Sentinel TV is a news-magazine exploration of the communities and people that make San Diego special. Each episode focuses on newsmakers, sports, entertainment, and the underserved communities of the county. Hosts Patty Ducey Brooks and David Kamatoy are joined by reporters Dan McClellan, Stephen Prendergast, and Anna Boyle.

Executive Producer: Patty Ducey Brooks

Producers: David Kamatoy and Matt Lunati.

Blog This with David Kamatoy

Blog This with David Kamatoy focuses on the intersection of entrepreneurship, entertainment and marketing. Host David Kamatoy will present stories and interviews with business owners, movers and shakers in the community, and a gallery of eclectic individuals - all with Kamatoy’s rapid-fire commentary and creative comic timing. A veteran of theater, radio, TV, and street performing, Kamatoy brings a keen insight into the new world of media.

Producers: David Kamatoy, Stephen Prendergast and Matt Lunati.

Geek Round Table

Co-hosted by actor/comedian Mark Christopher Lawrence, Ned Cato, David Kamatoy and the members of the Geek Round Table, this show celebrates all things geek in San Diego and beyond. Launched with a focus on the biggest nerd-fest of all, San Diego Comic Con, Geek Round Table examines the way the comic book industry has affected popular culture from print to television and film.

Producers: David Kamatoy, Ned Cato Jr., Matt Lunati

Kiai TV

Kiai TV will bring a focus on the power of martial arts in our world. From sport to entertainment to community protection, the martial arts have become ubiquitous in today’s culture. Kiai TV’s Masters Hall of Fame Special will introduce many of the top names in the martial arts and present the ways in which their arts have influenced their lives and the lives of others. Kiai TV will bring the focus on the individual dojo and martial arts studio owners and instructors.

Producers: David Kamatoy, Jason Carlage, William Ford and Matt Lunati.

Original Programing Provided by KMGTV and the Kamatoy Media Group.




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